I believe that a good painting should appeal first to the heart and this emotional response is what I aim for in my art.

Which is your special place?

My commissions take me all over Britain, but even if you only have a photograph of your special place, I can recreate it for you as a treasured piece of art. The choice of style – whether an atmospheric photographic piece or a more impressionist interpretation - is up to you.

Your special place could be the church where you were married all those years ago - or where you’re going to be married soon; it could be your old school, your honeymoon location; the view from your bedroom window; the romantic glade where you enjoyed your first kiss, the dramatic seascape where you once sailed or the little village street you once lived in. How wonderful to transform this into a gift for a loved one, a memento of a special occasion or simply as a present to yourself!

You will receive an affordable commissioned piece of art - click the Order section for prices.

Glen R Smith